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S2E7: Brand Yourself Forward-Rediscovering The New You!

We are all consumers in some shape or form... as such, whether consciously or not, we will ask ourselves questions about what we purchase.


Yet branding... especially now... transcends product endorsements and flashy sales techniques... 



Keep listening as we deepen our awareness and discuss not only our business branding journey, but most importantly our personal branding journey... where our authentic self is called upon to step forward and take a bold stand.

S2E6: Entrepreneurship-Reprogramming The Mind

Does entrepreneurship excite or scare you?

Do you have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? If not, can that narrative be changed?

Can we unlearn, and then learn what it takes, and in essence reprogram ourselves into becoming a model entrepreneur?

Can we make those necessary adjustments in our subconscious mind that will permit us to move forward, to leap in when the entrepreneurial opportunity arises?

These are areas we will explore fully, and hopefully emerge the other side perhaps inspired to address that nagging idea that is tugging at us from the far reaches of our mind. Thanks for Listening.

S2E5: Servant Leadership-Synergy in Growth & Wellbeing

As a leader, do you seek to move your leadership and professional, as well as often personal interactions, away from being perceived as controlling or authoritative activities and engagements... towards a more synergistic relationship?

Do you seek greater synergy at home in your family and community-based relationships? 

Continue listening, as we journey together into Servant Leadership, and discover the many answers it can provide us in our own personal and leadership journeys. Thanks for Listening.

S2E4: Having it All-Empowering Female Leadership

In terms of 'Having it All', what does that statement trigger for you?

Does it inspire integration between work and family? Financial Independence? Or alternatively does it trigger fears of having to make difficult choices about your priorities?

Let's journey together as we explore this concept, along with empowering female leadership... and yes gentlemen listeners, this topic holds value for you too. Thanks for Listening.

S2E3: The ‘New Norm‘ Leader-Being a VUCA Warrior

Let's journey together... as we engage in how VUCA can be turned on its head and reframed into a positive tool for change and transformation, and how we, as individuals, can boost our inner energy to become stronger, more resilient, and more agile as a result... Becoming The Ultimate VUCA Warrior... Thanks For Listening.

S2E2: Mindfulness Practices for Growth Mindset Leaders

Are you a Growth Mindset Leader?

Do you apply Mindfulness Practices into your daily routine at work and at home?

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Is it the person you want to be?

Join me on a journey of Mindful Discovery as we unlock what it is that allows us to beat stress... to create calm... and to be more aligned and attuned to our environment, to those around us, and to our inner selves... Thanks for Listening.

S2E1: Work/Life Integration-Creating and Sustaining a State of Wellbeing & Resilience

Are you exhausted juggling time between work and home? 

Does balance & equilibrium seem an impossibility to achieve? 

Do you wish there was a way to reframe and perceive work and home through created synergies, co-existence, and harmony of all aspects of our life?

Join me as we journey into Work/Life Integration... As we analyze Wellbeing & Resilience in our personal and professional lives, and as we challenge ourselves to re-evaluate our perception and beliefs about the potential synergies within our work, homes and communities. Thanks for Listening.

S1E10: Strength Through Diversity & Inclusion

What if our work and home environments led us to a deeper and more meaningful connection to our colleagues, businesses and family relationships?

Where we bring our authentic self to the table, and where our uniqueness is appreciated and valued? Where we are empowered to voice opinion, and contribute to the big picture vision in a safe, non-discriminant environment? Where the ideals of diversity and inclusion are introduced in early childhood and reinforced by example and practice so that these ideals are embedded as our children grow into young adults and impactful citizens?

Let's explore these areas and more together in today's episode as we widen our leadership perspective and challenge ourselves to create Strength Through Diversity & Inclusion for a bright, successful and sustainable future.

S1E9: Conflict Resolution-Conflict To Co-Construction

What if conflict wasn't 100% negative?

What if there were healthy conflict that could bring about discussion, creativity, collaboration, and innovation?

Unrealistic? Or An Achievable Goal?

Let’s decide together as we journey into some of the more positive opportunities that conflict can create in our workplaces and homes. Thanks For Listening.

S1E8: Distributed Leadership-Building an Environment and Culture of Trust and Shared Ownership

How would our work and home environments feel if there were an agreed level of autonomy? If everyone had a legitimate voice that was heard? Where innovation and creativity were encouraged? Where everyone could lead and be regarded as a leader within their scope of control? Where everyone is empowered to contribute to the big picture goals and vision?

A mythical dream of utopia or an achievable vision?

Join me in this episode as we explore the merits of Distributed Leadership at work and within the family. 

Discover the kind of leader you want to be in your journey. Thanks for Listening.

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